About SBS

About SBS

Established in 2017

Solitaire Global Schools began its educational journey as the fastest growing ‘Cambridge Pathway School’ in Hyderabad.

We have now partnered with Pearson International and Osmania University to launch Solitaire Business Schools. The aim of Solitaire Business Schools is to prepare graduates with extensive knowledge in commerce, management, and computer applications, enabling them to become integral pillars of society and state.

Our courses are designed to create change agents and natural leaders that will make a difference on a global scale.

According to a recent survey, only 10% of people are natural leaders — another 20% show some qualities of basic managerial talent that can be cultivated into high-quality leadership, while 77% of businesses report that leadership is lacking. 1

The need of the hour for the development of any nation are people who can step up and steer the ship from the helm.

Solitaire Business Schools has recognized this industry gap, and based on in-depth research and data analysis; created courses that will help graduates discover their true potential and capabilities.