Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Business Analytics

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Business Analytics

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    Solitaire Business Schools - BBA in Business Analytics

    A course in business analytics can provide you with the skills and knowledge to effectively analyze data and draw meaningful insights from it. You will learn how to process and manage large datasets, use various statistical techniques to uncover patterns and trends within the data, create models to predict future outcomes, and develop strategies to enhance operational efficiency and customer service.

    With a comprehensive understanding of data analysis, you will be able to make informed decisions for improving business performance. Additionally, you will gain experience in working with popular business analytics tools and software, such as Microsoft Excel and Tableau, which can help you become more efficient at analyzing data and making decisions based on insights.

    The demand for Business Analysts has increased in recent years and is projected to continue. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) projects job growth between 2020 and 2030 for similar roles to range from 7% (computer systems analysts) to 25% (operations research analysts).